Val Gardena 3 Val Gardena 2 Val Gardena 1

On the map are 20 fields 2 dafon the grass they can always buy without using Then there are 4 more fields with the original fruit. All fields are gerubert and Geschpritzt. Even the fields that you need the first time it harvests only watched what and squirt

There are 2 farms 1 card Offel factory 1 Rabsraffeneri 1 Gärtenerei 1 BGA 1 spinning 1 sugar factory 1 Country Hanel 1 dairy 1 mill 1 Dealer There are 1 times horse + pig + cattle was being left at the cattle of space for the Wassermod There are 8 fruits for the two new devices are the case thanks PIPA

– Hof 1 +2 were changed slightly
– The Wassermod built for chickens sheep and cows on farm 2 + straw sale
– A new grass to mow grass for texture
– Chickens were laid on for 1 yard wassermod

Author: Niemand


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