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Ls 2013 Bizon mods

Bizon Z050 CAP

Bizon Z050 CAP Combine Authors: Marcello1942, Asd4, Grzesiok1224 DOWNLOAD 56 MB

Bizon Z058 v 1.0 Blue

– Moving rods – Chopped Straw – Interesting sounds – Animations Authors: ikas, marcello DOWNLOAD 65 MB

Bizon Z056 v 1.0

– Fix log errors – Add mirrors – Add/change lights – Add arm mod – Cleaning in moddesc, xml, i3d and folders – Change beacon light – Change revers speed Authors: Marcello1942, BumblebeeTransformers, Adikos125...

Bizon Z056

New Bizon Z056 Combine Authors: marcello1942, asd4, U95, Grzegorz056, robin DOWNLOAD 50 MB

Bizon Z056 v 1.0

Bizon Z056 Combine with Cutter and Cutter Trailer Authors: Marcello1942, BumblebeeTransformers DOWNLOAD 44 MB

Bizon Z056 Yellow Pack v 3.1

Bizon Z056 Yellow Pack with generally full script and many features Authors: Marcello1942, Asd4, Bociek, VMV Modding DOWNLOAD 42 MB

Bizon Super Z056

– Moving the rear axle – Realistic driving physics – Fixed ladder and the back of the buffalo – The revised scale buffalo – New sounds more real buffalo – Real skin Authors: Marcello1942,...

Bizon ZO56 Yellow

– Throat controlled mouse – Side opening hatch – Open the radiator valve – Opening engine cover – Sofa forage – Moving axis – A plurality of moving elements – Real flue gas –...