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Lamborghini R6 125 v 1.0 MR

Indestructible, reliable and technologically advanced. The R6 announces the arrival of a new generation of tractors, able to compete at the highest level with the engine of higher rated power: in terms of performance,...

Lamborghini R603B v 1.0

Lamborghini R603B Tractor Authors: FMT MODDING, Blackened LS, Falcia LS, Old Tractor Team DOWNLOAD 37 MB

Lamborghini Grand Prix Pack

In Pack includes: – Lamborghini Grand Prix 674 70 Tractor – Lamborghini Grand Prix 774 80 Tractor – Lamborghini Grand Prix 874 90 Tractor – Lamborghini Grand Prix 75 Target Tractor – Lamborghini Grand...

Lamborghini R8 270 Silver

Lamborghini R8 270 Silver Tractor with Quicke Q68 Frontloader and Fendt Fork Authors: Giants, DeutzPower_LPG, Bauernluemmel, Rissner, Hulk88 DOWNLOAD 10 MB

Lamborghini Grand Prix 75 Target v 1.1 MR

New in v 1.1 More Realistic version: – New tires – Animated pedals (gas, brake, clutch) – Animated gear lever (forward, backward) Authors: Player1, Lechu, Aranea, MB 3D Modelling DOWNLOAD 24 MB

Lamborghini Grand Prix 75 Target v 1.0

– IC Controlled (doors, windows) – Blinker (Real Lights) – Work light – Ploughing spec – Swing axle – Height adjustable hitch – Foldable Front Linkage – Co-driver scripts – Hand Animation Authors: Player1,...