Category: Skins and textures

The sandy dirt Roads v 1.0

It is a set of 54 models of dirt roads with sand texture The package of this because you have two adapters on ordinary loamy sand track, and go inversely with the sandy loam...

Grass Texture v 1.0

Building maps is quite fun but its nice to have multiple grass textures to put in different areas or just to mesh altogether. Here is the weight image and grass texture to add along...

Multifruit Textures v 2.0

22 Multifruit Textures: apple, barley, pear, carrot, cucumber, green wheat, lime, gravel, cherry, maize, millet, onion, orange, pea, plum, potato, rape, sand, soybean, sugarbeets, tomato and wheat Author: mor2000 DOWNLOAD 12 MB