Category: Skins and textures

Real Corn Texture HD v 1.0

In addition, you will receive a texture for the followers of the plan You will receive one selection at different resolutions: – Corn texture in 16k, 8k, 4k, 2k – Corn Plane in 4k,...

Water Texture v 1.0

Beautiful water tarpaulin Texture The water plan must be put as follows: – Open Your Mod Map – Dan should be a texture file in the textures folder with the following name Author:...

Textures with New Fruits v 3.0

Textures with New Fruits: ananass, banana, chili, strawberry, garlic, green_onions, hazel, raspberry, lavender, lemon, nuts, orange, sea buckthorn, tangerines Author: shonyyxx123 DOWNLOAD 11 MB

Forgotten Plants Multi v 1.1

– New textures for Sunflower, Hemp, Oat, Rye, alfalfa – Adapted values ​​for the fruit varieties – Adapted windrow textures – Rye: Phase 3 revised and adjusted color – Hemp: designed plant stems greenish...

Sky Texture v 1.0

Installation Instructions: All files in the rar file, in your LS install folder (The lower path takes you there) and move to replace all existing files. Path to the Sky folder: C: Program Files...

Sudan Grass Texture v 1.0

The Sudan grass can be shred at any growth stage, if you urgently need food for the biogas plant. Authors: Eribus, John-Deere fan DOWNLOAD 274 KB

Forgotten Maize Plants v 1.0

– New Maize Textures – Adapted specially for the Green Chaff Mod – Textures compressed for better performance Authors: LwFarming, Eribus DOWNLOAD 213 KB