Category: Seeders

BGR 4.2

BGR 4.2 Cultivator with Partilce System Author: Dima29-303 DOWNLOAD 7 MB

Evers Pack v 2.0

2 Evers Cultivators: – Evers Bali: working width 3.0 m – Evers Welsh: working width 3.8 m Authors: Sanderrr, Stefan Maurus DOWNLOAD 3 MB

AG 2.4 20 Cultivator v 1.0

– Working width: 2.40 m – AO texture – Particle system on the discs and roller – All disks rotate – Washable Authors: kolhoznik18, @Sepa@, Mad Dog, SFM DOWNLOAD 2 MB

Gregoire Besson Special

– Cultivator with fertilizer and rear hydraulics – Working width: 10 m – Fertilizer tank: 2000 l – Rear hitch for mounting drills (allows the cultivation and seeding at the same time) – Beacon,...

Genovese Disco

Genovese Disco Cultivator Authors: Gero_76, Marito_69 DOWNLOAD 8 MB

Agronomic Cultivator v 1.0

13 rows Agronomic Cultivator Authors: Hubert51, Dydy-A, Jdfan, GIANTS Software, Templaer, Wohlstandskind, Bayn, SFM Modding, Sven777b, TSF3Moders, Epic Pryda Mods DOWNLOAD 1 MB

Koeckerling Vario v 1.0

– Pull folding cultivator – Lighting fixtures – Working width: 6 m Authors: steyr1, Face, MadMax, Altair, Dachskiller, Börndi, Andy W DOWNLOAD 4 MB

Gregoire Besson Big Pro MR

More Realistic Gregoire Besson Big Pro Ciltivator Working width: 4.40 – 6.20 m Author: Alex4555 DOWNLOAD 17 MB