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For the V4 of this map you will need to start a New saved game sorry for any inconvenience. The map has a few scripts incorporated in the map such as the Yield mod and the water mod and fruit hud text are all incorporated in the map, please make sure they are not present in your mods folder with this map as they will cause conflicts.
This is the V4 of Maple tree farm. This version of the map has changed drastically. Changed the road layout a bit and made the roads narrow but wide enough to pass vehicles. There is no Milk truck anymore and no virtual traffic. This is because this map is made for MP purposes. The Map has 51 fields. At total acreage of 659.2 this is not a small far as you can see.
The starter equipment has been changed you know get larger equipment to counter the size of the farm. You will need the new Albutt pack by the Modteam and you can use the Buckrakes too as the farm is designed for the use of those. Also the PDA multi fruit by FMC is needed in this map so you can see how much is in the straw storage and grass and chaff.
Added a few signs for the locations like the dairy farm and Bio gen the name given to the biogas plant. All the signs are from Knuston farm
The sale locations offer:
BGA to you are able to ferment straw and chaff and grass then use as feed or sell in the shredder.
Industrial estate to sell sugarbeets and potatoes and wheat, barley, canola and maize.
Waitrose to sell Eggs and Wool and sugarbeets and potatoes and pigs
Masons arms to sell Wheat and barley
The garden centre has been deleted and the field made much bigger where the garden centre was located. Grass texture has been improved and all the crops. The Pig shed mod has been installed and all works perfectly MP and SP please make sure you download the Josking sell trailer to transport your pigs to Waitrose.
Growth times are 8 hours plus on Fast growth.
The map has the water and milk mod in it you have to sell the milk manually using the milk trailer all the mods for that can be found on the location to fill the milk trailer is shown with a yellow square by the cow shed and the sell point is at the industrial estate where a yellow square is in the Dairy. There is plenty more for you to discover

Authors: Matt & Ian – MH Farming Ltd


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