Pig / pig sty:
– In the pig from “Marhu” is located outside the building a manure storage area, this allows the cleaning out of the pigsty, even if you just have no use for the manure. Here would like to point out that all manure storage areas on the map are connected underground. So you can clean out the pig sty on the manure storage area and another player can charge in the manure storage area at Field 7
– You can clean out the pig sty with a front loader or on the conveyor belt according to taste.
The second pigsty next to the spinning mill is funded by the EU – the conveyor money you get paid the same when unloading the fruit.
– You can sell the pigs in the organic market both SPA and always have to supply a butcher in the house to provide customers with fresh produce and of course the butcher in town.

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