Tannenhof is a map with average around 50 to 33 ha of arable land, 2 farms, 8 outlets

– Two farms
– With space for example for greenhouse or calf rearing
– Chickens on the farm
– Cow pasture at the farm
– Pig at the farm
– Sheep grazing near the farm
– 6 standard fruits and grass
– The Agricultural Machinery
– Country trade for buying fruit and grass
– Factory mill for grain purchase
– Freight station for purchase of all 6 standard fruits
– Horse farm for straw and fodder purchase – lots and in bales
– A small Biogas hof with silo
– Retail of meat, potatoes and eggs
– For pigs and cattle farm purchase Rübli
– Spinning for the purchase of sheep wool
– Central fields department store
– Crops can rot and have original texture
– 33 agricultural area of ​​about 0:38 to 5:21 – total 50.51 ha

Author: Sir Vicmon


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