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The Old Country v 1.0 BETA

– A highway – Large BGA with three horizontal silo’s – Beet factory – 2 Large forest patches – A divides the flow of the map – A stream of live a little on...

Two Bale Trailers v 1.0

– Transport various cargo – Lock cargo with lock down script – Realistic model and textures – Error free mod Authors: kirezagar, ZG Team DOWNLOAD 6 MB

John Deere 6620

– Washable – Ploughing Mod – IC management – Realistic sounds Authors: Bigfarmer145, roller90, Timber131, Burner, Manuel Leithner, fruktor, Geri-G, Sven777b, Templaer, Bjr DOWNLOAD 40 MB

Star 200 v 1.0

Mod includes a mode change sides, it can carry the seeds, spraying, silage and other crops. Authors: Du-mont, TruckerStas, Dufata, JAWA, Northern_Strike DOWNLOAD 32 MB

Jo Pim Map v 4.0

– Yard rebuilt – Cow pasture, sheep grazing and BGA moved to the farm – Added feed store, pig, cattle fattening, Silostand display, 2 mixing stations and scales to the farm – Car wash...

Rootmoss Map v 1.0

– Detailed farm – 4 villages – Detailed scenery – Realism – Manure mod (there is no need for another script) – Cow pasture and chickens – Feeding in the stable – Map Hose...

Meyenburg 2014 v 1.1

– Hof Meyer still – Set courtyard of Rhaden – Customized pig and cattle stables – Cattle housing must be purchased – Mini Bio gas plants on each farm must be purchased – Different...