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– Map size: about 2/3 of the original size
– Landscape: Free invented mountainous landscape, valley with farms and fields,Bach Flusslauf/Wasserfall, forests at the edges, as a flood plain area
– Fields: 27 with option to purchase, a few have ownership and reaping ripe for harvest or shortly meadows must not be bought
– Crops: standard + sunflower, rye, oats, millet
– Grain storage: Yes, for all crops
– Wither / rot: Disabled
– Animals: cows, sheep, chickens
– Milk truck: Yes, pick-up in the yard in front of the collecting
– Traffic / pedestrian Yes, minimally
– Missions / horseshoes collect: No
– Feed stock: Yes, the main courtyard
– Farms: a large spacious yard with a cow pasture, 2 other minor side yards and a larger central warehouse for new grains at the village
– Space for Placeables: Yes, the main courtyard and the outdoor camp near the village
– Mill, Landi, restaurant, pig, freight yard, garden center, small village shop, BayWa vehicle and equipment dealers, various Stroh-/Gras-/Ballenankäufer, Meadow Farm, Sugar Factory
– Water points: 5 (river on the farm, wells, village wells, gas station)
– BGA: Yes
– Return point: In the main courtyard
– New vehicles / equipment: BayWa vehicle and equipment dealers at the village
– General map / PDA Map: Yes, the main points are entered and the display works with the icons (HotSpots), provided they are not disabled.

Authors: TMT (Kolbenfresser, HatzFan, Marhu)


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