Pleasant-Valley-1 Pleasant-Valley-2 Pleasant-Valley-3

Pleasant Valley is a large map (4096×4096).
The finished product contains 143 fields (over 1500 acres) of farmland. over 15 business competing to buy your goods and 7 different distinct farm sites (pig, sheep, cow, chicken, potato beet, bale, nursery). Water mod is installed for cows & sheep. Pig mod is installed and places to sell manure and slurry are also included.

Authors: Sandgroper, Hermit23, marhu, looseterror, freak36558, modelleicher, sefir, mr. hopema, gwillard920, epicpryda, lsportal, firejoker, bigTonyTomato, Feterlj, omarthefirst, vanilla ice, yannik, giants, johan12, Dennis Busch, spider100, fs-uk, tento, desperdos93, @funky, planet boone, Dajnet


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