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This is Briggs Farm map version 3 and the final version.It is an idea map for small vehicles including the classics download pack. Done some decoration editing changing the walls to look like mountains for a better view and added some trees and bushes.Also added a pinic area near the farm shop along with 2 wooden water troughs that will work for filling your trailer. It still has 8 fields and 4 grass fields.Turned the wool pallet spawn around to make it easier to pick up the pallets.You will still need the chicken coop with egg mod found on modhoster in the category maps and buildings under placeable objects and you will also need the small water truck found also on modhoster in the category trailers under other section.You start out owning fields 1 and 4 planted with wheat and barley ready to harvest.Also start you out with a good fleet of vehicles to get you started in harvesting, planting, baleing, and mowing grass.The map now has all textures fixed and there are no errors on my scripting.

Author: Ken Briggs


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