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– Make the animal production the focal point with traditional farming as the secondary.
– Smaller map balanced for 1-2 players with plenty to do. 3-4 if all the fields are bought.
– Wanted a sense of progression built into the map.
– Heavy use of the modding community.
– Wanted to be able to store everything and work ahead.
– Some tight spots when driving but not white knuckled the whole time.
– A sense of solitude and seclusion rather than a more urban locale.
– Cow water mod built in to map.
– Water trailer for cows
– Chicken coop and Breedable animal mods compatable.
– Breedable Animal Mod
– Chicken Coop Mod
– 32 Ha’s in fields. 6 buyable fields with progressive pricing.
– Milk trailer, allows filling and sale at same place milk truck does
– Storage for everything including loose straw,silage,mixed ration.
– Trailer that can carry anything stored on map
– Shovel the manure out of the straw and store elsewhere.
– Places for greenhouses,windmills,extra grass fields and room to make fields.
– Traffic on the highways and milk truck runs
– Custom lighting,sounds,textures and many models from the community.
– Longer grass growth time so areas like the chicken and orchard stay cut longer.


Special thanks to:
BigHoss, NI Modding, Kyosho, frisco0177, Tessmann85, SeedyMcSeederson, M-S_Buschi, geotrac 124, Ferguson Freund, Atze, matichekSLO, modelleicher, Trekkerbodo, Bruse, sandgroper, mariodieck, bonzai michu, msi-andy2, alexrene, Marhu, Javier007, Daviec, mote454, Kolbenfresser, DAJOUN, all of thier effort made this map possible.


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