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– The barn was rebuilt, he had to give way to a larger drive by
– The yard was fenced in and got rolling gates at the entrances
– The house has been replaced, the previous texture error has caused
– The planning of all silos were placed in the original state, where there was also error
– In the shelter of the biogas plant you can really throw in everything but CHAFF
– That must first ferment silage
– The second line of the BGA was removed and the ground leveled
– The positions of the launch vehicles were now adapted well, because everything is where it should
– The invisible Collis at the tipping points in the warehouses are eliminated
– The problem is that with very high among the vehicles towed roofs of the halls is stuck, was also released.
– To start one now has 3 large and a small field. One of which with sugar, one with wheat and one is planted with corn. The fourth is empty
– All equipment to immediately begin the harvest, are starting off on your farm

Authors: ego, Galli84, Richi*3, Stormbringer, Burn out, JokerZ, MC M@C, devin, DA JOUN, Trixi


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