The map in whole is around 120 acres in size, which is one of the largest Irish styled maps to date
There are fertilizer and seed triggers on each farm and in the local town merchants. Fuel is also at both farm yards and at the filling station in the town.
There are two farms in total, with a small yard just south of the town, with 2 barns and a house. Each farm has two pits each with a sufficient amount of sheds to hold machinery and animals.
One unique feature that has been added to this map is the collectable logs. Logs are used as a buyable vehicle/implement and will be placed at the shop when bought, but as you start of a new savegame you will have 25 logs in the forestry area. Hence the extra mod in the download file, you will need this in order for the logs to appear in-game, otherwise they won’t. In this pack is a forestry trailer, edited Deutz frontloader tractor weightblock and the logs.

Authors: DylanAlcorn, ClassJaguar890, NI Modding, Kirezagar, Nick98.1, Solanz, Duarn, FarmerYip, FarmerMark96


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