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In this final version, the village has been completely flooded and had to move. Where the village stood is now, after the flood, a lake. Landi is also moved because he had to sell his property for the village. As the brewery has gone bankrupt, the Landi could purchase the property and there are newly built.
Also installed the milk mod, next to the barn is a tank where you can, to fill in the milk trailer. The milk trailer is permanently installed already in the mods. Can you sell the milk at the dairy or at Edeka. There are the same prices as when the milk truck picks up the milk.
Since the peas caused too many bloating, they are gone. Have installed no substitute fruit. Think it’s enough just how it is. Available in addition to the standard fruit known from v2.1 as millet, oats, rye, spelled, soybeans and sunflowers. Otherwise everything is like on the v2.1.
The water mod is installed. So you can provide them with water and chicken in addition to wheat and all animals. When the chickens you have to go out of the meadow ran.
The Landi takes everything that has to do with straw, slurry, manure, chaff, etc..
A new distributor is on a lake, because the station is so mysteriously disappeared.

Authors: Marhu, Acert, Mark44, FlashFire09, happyfunny21


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