On the Platinum Xtreme November, four biogas plants found in two (Northern and BGA BGA south) you can unload chaff and grass as usual. In the BGA Watermills AG: barley, wheat, canola, and corn. In the BGA freight station: beets and potatoes.
For slurry and manure, there are also sales opportunities.
The Watermills AG operates two water mills on the map every water mill also has an unloading point. The selling prices are the same for both so there are in the PDA only one ad under the name mill.
All fields are plowed and fertilized – so go immediately with the drill going.
5 Farm Barns (the black barns) can be found on the map – these barns have a double function grass / straw is beamed into the feed store – you can refer back to the Kuhn SPV. Bales are sold directly.


Map: Giants Software / Askari
Potato, beet Stock: Ganelcer
Food storage: Ganelcer
Country trade: Eifok-Team
Shelter: WayneischGeld
Arch Bridge: Fatian
Wassermod: Marhu
Pig: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
Pigpen: Rubik’s
Metzger building: Funky


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