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– Private road system with traffic, now with Fatian’s Straßenset V3.
– Purchasable fields, a total of 15.9ha arable land, at a price of € 455,180 (€ 28,600 per hectare of land is currently in southern Germany / Bavaria’s average price according to various websites) and approximately 4ha of grassland
– Complete  PDF (in the zip here, just open the zip and double click on the PDF) adjusted growth stages. There are soon to an explanatory text with us on FB.
– Functioning new animal areas, the chickens running across the yard, eggs are found in the chicken coop, run cows in the pasture and in the barn, all the trigger for feeding are installed in the barn, you can sprinkle the stable.
– New sheep range above the farm with a new shelter and feed option. Is the old sheep pasture is no longer there. There has been reforested.
– All trees have been replaced with 3D trees LS13er version, partly umgeskint. We have tried to build as performance-friendly as possible.
– The grass was set slightly poorer performance. It also has a new, self-created texture. In each growth stage other flowers can be seen.
– The country trade takes your products, now also wool. Also seed it provides, there is also the only way to get fertilizer on the map.
– The car dealer has got a place for sale of vehicles. The selling point is next to the shop-point in the hall. Hard to miss.
– The torrent has again given a new home-built water plane with the original Giants texture. Now you should look better.
– The straw bale sale in the hayloft is now drawn to the country store. In its place is now a hay loft storage. There you can unload with a small grass silage trailer and taken with front loader and bucket again. The capacity of the hayloft is 150m3 (150.000l)
– The two silos are back at the farm. As in LS11 are the two silos again between barn and field at the usual place and have a capacity of 200m3 each (200.000l)
– There are no stock option for more beets. Potatoes can store next to the seed in the barn. With 16 hectares of arable farmers will not grow in such a little hilly beets. And if they do, it will store on the sidelines. (Tip of the Anywhere Mod and other versions of it will certainly be released soon by the different mod teams.)
– In place of the old cow shed a hiking park and barbecue area is created.
– Horseshoes were hidden, aligned the characters match info.
– Many small problems and concerns have been repaired. There are no jumps in the lanes more, we have adjusted almost all the roads to the new terrain. Some textures we have new converts.

Authors: Stormi…


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