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– There are now new roads built in the Map
– The grass texture was back to normal (nimma so bright)
– You can now spray the barrels filled with fertilizer (lacking trigger)
– The sheep can now be fed with grass etc (error in the User Attributes)
– Direct selling works now (there was the trigger for the sower)
– The horses now grass and hay can be sold
– Grass, hay and chaff can now be sold at the nursery
– On the horse paddock now are fewer horses
– The building at the station and at the dairy are not part transparent
– The log errors with the Windmill sound is resolved
– The halls at the court are made ​​slightly smaller
– The cow pasture (building) are arranged slightly differently, so you can do better.
– The roller doors open faster now, so that you can drive through at full throttle

Resellers are:
– Nursery (grass, hay, manure, liquid manure, chaff)
– BayWa (grass, wheat, canola, corn, barley, potatoes, sugar beets)
– Station (wheat, canola, corn, barley, potatoes, sugar beets)
– Mill (wheat, barley)
– Power Plant (straw and hay, round and square)
– Lidl (wool)
– Horse (grass, hay)

Author: grafik-edv


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