Category: Other mods

True Mirror v 1.0

This mod adds in any vehicle or any mod with the specification steerable real side mirrors added. There are no additional cameras, but rectangles, reflecting in one direction. V 1.0 changes: – Press Alt-Spacebar...

Krampe BBE 500 Egypt Style Edition v 1.0

– Capacity: 17500 liters – Transporting: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugarbeets, potatoes, maize, chaff, manure, grass, hay, straw, silage, fodder, oats, rye, spelled, millet, sunflower, onion, carrot, seeds and fertilizers. Author: Hoschi97 DOWNLOAD 8...

Pomorski Farmer

– Map the most in the Polish Climate – The moving pigs – Manure Mod v 2.0 – Water Mod – Curious climate and terrain Authors: Dom_0309, ProUrsus, Dżimson, Gray, Wiadro90, Marshmallow, Cuba Sm,...

Grain Silo v 1.0

The whole must match the Giants editor are installed in your Map. The silo is complete Functional. You have the silo only placing and then goes off. Author: TuneWar DOWNLOAD 506 KB

Attachable Front Hydraulic v 1.0

This Front Hydraulic is intended to attach on the tractors front trailer attacher. If there not exists any then it will not be possible to attach. Authors: Bullet, CebuljCek DOWNLOAD 2 MB

Evers Bali v 2.0

Small 3 m cultivator from the brand Evers. Made in a Dutch town called Almelo Author: Sanderrr DOWNLOAD 1 MB

Placeable Storage Racks v 1.0

These sturdy storage racks can be used to store wool pallets, bales, loader tools, combine headers, or anything else you care to put on them. There is a “normal” and “reversed” version of each...