Rabe Plough

4 furrow Rabe Plough Working width 1.92 m Authors: schlueterfan1977, PanikRacker(Diverse Teile) DOWNLOAD 16 MB


Unia Ploughs Pack

– 4 Unia Ploughs: 2, 3, 4 and 5 Furrow – AO Texture – PS ground – Animations regulate the depth Authors: LOLLL116, Rockstar94 DOWNLOAD 5 MB


Bomet Plough

3 Furrow Bomet Plough – Slow climbing into the ground – PS ground Authors: U95, Robert, Bartosz22, Dawider DOWNLOAD 5 MB


Moro Raptor QRV 20A MR

4 Furrow More Realistic Moro Raptor QRV 20A Plough Author: AGO-MODDING DOWNLOAD 9 MB


Kverneland PB100 MR

More Realistic Kverneland PB100 Plough Authors: LordNyax, AoC, Mantikor, ErikDK Modding, TheKiwi DOWNLOAD 2 MB


Kverneland Ploughs Pack

In Pack includes 2 Kverneland Ploughs: – Kverneland PW Packomat 4 Furrow Plough – working width 1.5 m – Kverneland PW Packomat 8 Furrow Plough – working width 3 m Authors: LS13 Bullgore, Biedens,...