Category: Cutters

Unia Tur 4

Unia Tur 4 Plough Authors: DrSamoZlo, MPoweR DOWNLOAD 2 MB

Rabe Super Albatros Pack v 1.0 MR

In Pack included 4 More Realistic Rabe Super Albatros Ploughs: – Rabe Super Albatros 160: 6 row, work width 3 meter – Rabe Super Albatros 140: 5 row, work width 2,5 meter – Rabe...


6 furrow Plough Authors: Pol-Mot, Lechu, Teufel DOWNLOAD 4 MB

Lemken Juwel 5 More Realistic

This 5 furrow Plough from Lemken they can also crop residues on larger fields quickly and efficiently incorporate and loosen the soil Working width: 2.6 m Authors: GIANTS, Milde DOWNLOAD 4 MB

Naud APN 7.12

The Naud APN 7 is a very good machine produced in order to supply farmers with a good quality and reliable plow for field work. Author: Fendt 412 DOWNLOAD 9 MB