Scania R560

Scania R560 Truck Author: FazendeiroBR DOWNLOAD 16 MB


MAZ 6422

MAZ 6422 Truck Authors: Lexan, BrUISeR, Xaper_tm, sanya1970 DOWNLOAD 16 MB


Renault Magnum Vega + Trailer

Renault Magnum Vega Truck with Krampe Bandit SB30 Trailer Trailer capacity 34000 l Authors: Werkstattleiter, Ordaton DOWNLOAD 23 MB


Enisei 1200 PM v 1.0

Wheels replaced by caterpillars, which works best in wet meadows Authors: Perkins, Weder, Asd4 DOWNLOAD 39 MB


Ford F 350 Rescue Flatbed

Working Siren and Beacons – Turn the Siren on by holding 0 – Turn the Beacons on by pressing 2 on your numpad Author: Connorberends6 DOWNLOAD 38 MB