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First delete the old zip file from the mod folder and the old Score enter the current zip file in the mods folder and start a new game.

– The Platinum Xtreme VII, you can play without any additional mods. Ideal for multiplayer players.
– Field 15 and 16 was also field combined 20 and 21 Some fields have been enlarged. Three new fields have been added.
– The lease agreement with the golfers expired and we still could not agree on a new contract – therefore you have to until further manage the golf course for agriculture.
– At the golf house, provisionally an LS Academy established here can LS players sharpen their senses – it should be too hard, there is on the other side towards recovery at the spa.
– Cows and sheep can now be supplied with water. Chicken with water and wheat.
– Can on the Platinum Xtreme VII are four biogas plants found at two (BGA BGA North and South) is as before and unload chopped grass. When Watermills AG: barley, wheat, canola, and corn. When freight station: beets and potatoes.
– For liquid and solid manure, there are sales opportunities.
– The Watermills AG operates three water mills on the map each watermill has an unloading point. The selling prices for all three are the same, therefore it in the PDA as an indication under the name mill.
– All fields are plowed and fertilized – so go immediately with the drill going.
– 5 Farm Barns (the black barns) can be found on the map – these barns have a double function grass / straw is beamed into the feed store – you can refer to the Kuhn SPV again. Bales are sold directly.
– At feed stores, the tarp moves up to 1 million – with a wagon full you can see there’s not much.
– The unloading of the food warehouse is located between silo and feed stores.
– When there is a dunghill manure Beamer – here is the manure to the storage beamed.
– All that is loaded at the freight depot on the trains coming in the farm silos. Wheat, barley, maize and oilseed rape can be recharged at the court. Silage can be found in feed stores in cow shed and feed it to the cows.
– 33 original vehicles are built as a mod in the map and facilitate greater loading capacity by the work on the map. Are the three – Deutz Drescher it even in the Xtreme version.

Authors: Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu


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