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Welcome to the Farmers Dream XXL. A 4-way map that has been completely rebuilt. It is a sloping terrain to the north with 45 fields which have a size of 2ha to 51ha. 5 fields are in your possession, three fields are already ordered. The price per Ha is located at 20000 euros. The entire surface to be machined is almost 660 ha.
You start with a comfortable fleet, so the can get started you immediately. The outlets are the same that are also present on the Standartmap, additionally you can sell at the garden center slurry and manure and in the industrial plant you get top prices for rapeseed and sugar beet
The cows and sheep are the main courtyard. You can find all the horseshoes in the yard. For better orientation information attached at key intersections. The box edges are friendly helpers and CP.
Which is a fully playable map and no beta version. It has been extensively tested by me and the log is error free.
The map will be developed and there will probably be another version, in which try to realize your desires. The plan is to now multi-fruit, Watermod, power lines and interesting mods appear shortly.
See for yourself .. Have fun with the Farmers Dream XXL.

Authors: LU-MUK/Moddingteam, NordlineAgricoleTeam, LWS Terminator, GancelerV1, LS-UK, LS-Modding


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