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– Stall barn on the farm
– The cows and sheep and chickens are located directly in the yard
– The biogas plant is also in the yard, a endsprechender fleet is already available
– There are already four fields sown maize, barley, wheat, and sugar beet
– The rot is exhibited
– It is available for sale a fruit sugar beet factory, mill, port, country store, station, brewery, and spinning
– A railway line across the country, with three trains an ICE-3 Regional Express, and a diesel locomotive
– Straw sale incorporated the trigger before the straw barn
– On an area of the greenhouses, seeds and liquid fertilizer with a trigger on the farm On the map and trees planted
– Eliminated a few more errors

Authors: Ekkehard, Ganelcer, frisco0177, Trekkerbodo, Msi-andy2, Mike-TM, Kyosho, Rubiks, Nordline AgricoleTeam


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