ackerland-by-fsm-team--21 ackerland-by-fsm-team--22 ackerland-by-fsm-team--23

– New fruit installed (spelled, oats, rye and millet)
– Map expanded terrain
– New fields added (a total of 33 fields with 100 hectares)
– Court 1: built new silos for new fruits and adapted
– Court 3: added (LU)
– Small complex added
– Grass is now mähbar on the entire map
– AI Traffic adjusted
– New point of sale added
– Sale of slurry and manure, you can
– Fieldeffinition adapted to the new terrain
– Straw angepast trigger the cows
– Surveillance camera fixed
– Various modifications, new Models
– Swapped textures of Fruits, partially new
– Various objects away from PR reasons
– PDA angepast
– New signs installed
– Road network expanded
– Timed Goal Added Open from 8 – 14 and 17-0 Clock
– New SkyBox (heaven) added
– PR optimization, performance has been improved
– There is NO need for extra drill / seed drill
– New features on the BGA / CHP including transformer house and functioning gas flare

Author: FSM-Team


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