a-good-day-to-farm-3 a-good-day-to-farm-2 a-good-day-to-farm-1

This map is the default map which has been edited to make farming easier. The landscape to the north of the main farm has been altered and now has nice rolling hills. New paths have been placed to access the mountain area to the south.

– There are now a total of 16 fields and range from 1.11ha to 12.22ha.
– New BGA and Feedstore are installed
– Cows and Sheep occupy the same paddock and the water mod is installed for all animals
– There are 6 sell points, 2 openShedTipTriggers where you can sell all the fruits from the feedstore plus manure and liquid manure.
– Milk truck does its thing at 7am and 4pm
– The map has all the original stuff like, horseshoes, rainbow…

Authors: Aerocool1, Trekkerbodo, Marhu, PaPa


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