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PRT Bales Trailer v 2.0

– AO texture – Locks bales – Additional lights Authors: MTS, MECHANIK, ModMens DOWNLOAD 4 MB

Ursus T665 v 1.0

– Original textures – Light script – Washable – The script fixed everything on the platform, ranging from round bales, square bales, headers, etc. Authors: Bigbens, TLS-Modding DOWNLOAD 18 MB

Bantikow Map v 1.0

– 26 fields, from small to large, are you from the beginning and 3 meadows where you can mow the grass for your cows or sheep, the dealer can where to buy or sell...

Drensteinfurt v 2.0

– Great main courtyard (where cows can also be lined manure and there may also be Brought) – Kuhhof (Large barn with ausmist function) – In each stall can be fed with compound feed...

IHC 844S Pack v 4.0

In Pack includes: – IHC 844-S – IHC 844-S with front linkage – IHC 844-S with Stoll loader Klink (in black, red and gray) – IHC 844-S with Stoll loader industry (in black, red...

Claas Tucano 440 v 2.1

– Full lighting operating on the basic fs functions – Threshing Counter – Manual Ignition – Real Exhaust Particle System – Wheel Particle Spec – Straw Spec – Opening Grain Tank – New realistic...

Claas Rollant 250 v 1.0

The Claas Rollant is a very good machine produced in order to supply farmers with a good quality and reliable baler for all kinds of harvests. It has the MPS system and the Roto...

Square Bales Pack v 1.1

In Pack includes: – Claas Quadrant 1200 – Square Bale pressen – Krassort – Trailers bale transport – ET agricultural bale fork Authors: daniel11, fruktor DOWNLOAD 10 MB