New in V 3.2.0:
– New textures installed
– The drive through barn for potatoes and turnips replaced because the textures were extremely flicker on
– Otherwise, the silos are still wandered somewhat more so you do not accidentally drive past when something loads
– In the southeast of the map raged at landscape and fields
– The area to the southeast is more for single player without using Courseplay and for the helper application with headlands
– The field prices are partly corrected upwards, and that good 2x as expensive as before because it just did not fit
– Minor corrections. Eliminates errors called and found the last version and installed new one probably errors

Authors: Jogo1980, Galli84, ego, ZeFir_Poland, Marhu, Michal, Tessmann85, Bergi2001, Galli84, Richi*3, Stormbringer, Burn out, JokerZ, MC M@C, devin, DA JOUN, Trixi, buchhauer, Trekkerbodo, frisco0177, XAnonymousX, Maxter, Modelleicher, meistro, grafik-edv


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