– The farmer now has no more complex and leaves the house again, because the buildings are now scaled 1:1 and he standing – not hopping or with the head – can look through the window.
– The farmer’s wife leaves the house now less because now everything stinks like hell. Schweinemod and mini BGA installed. Pork sales temporarily at the port. The builders of the mini BGA were unfortunately without using alcohol and water balance in the construction. This is still reworked – promised.
– Waste of space once was. It has invested in a silo which some buildings were soft now, or are otherwise available. To be precise, almost the entire court is different.
– Around the courtyard the map now looks almost like a whole. Bushes, trees and grass mähbares
– The launch vehicles have been modified. The machinery has shrunk slightly, but for starters he is still lush.
– All textures replaced. Grass, soil, corn, canola ….
– Performance increased significantly. The light sources were at the court reason for my stuttering. All
– The yard looks now really is sweet

Authors: Jogo1980, Galli84, ego, Marhu, Michal, Tessmann85, Bergi2001, Richi*3, Stormbringer, Burn out, JokerZ, MC M@C, devin, DA JOUN, Trixi, buchhauer, Trekkerbodo, frisco0177, XAnonymousX, Maxter, Modelleicher, meistro, grafik-edv


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