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This map is based on the standard map, now with 4 new fruit varieties spelled millet oats rye, and with a stall barn on the farm.
Now New grain warehouse and food storage for hay, straw, silage, grass.The cows and sheep are now directly in court in a nearby stall barn on the farm.At the court set up an area for eg, greenhouses, wells and manure plate to feel built for the greenhouses.
Already a sufficient number of machines available.Cowshed built on a crap place, where you can download the crap conveyor belt
and can bring the manure plate at the greenhouses.Straw and hay can be converted to space on crap crap, or the cow pasture behind the barn be monetized.

Authors: Ganelcer, frisco0177, Kyosho, Tessmann85, MFF-Modding Martin, Dimanix


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