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Pettenbach Map with pig and WaterMod

– The WaterMod 3.0 was installed. (So ​​you can give the cows, sheep, chickens and water the chickens even wheat. Productivity increases by 10%)
– This includes a water station for abhohlen of water for livestock was installed.
– Now there’s a pig in the yard. (This can be bred pigs, which can then be sold at the country store for 100 €)
– The individual soaking the WaterMods were installed and tested at the respective animals
– The Wither and weathering disabled
– All the fields are already planted and the fields 13,14,15,16,17,18 already owned
– Better start equipment (Better machines at the very beginning)
– The sheep pasture is now between court and distributors
– Some fields were merged and enlarged
– PDA Map has been revised and brought up to date
– New textures were added: maize, beet, oilseed rape, barley, wheat, grass, grubbed, plowed
– Two food storage for grass, straw, animal feed and silage were added. (One in a cow pasture and on the farm)
– A carport was added to the courtyard, into which you can put under cars and light vehicles
– Many soil textures were changed
– The height differences between the landscape and buildings have been adjusted
– A new path is created from the farm field to the 14th
– A link was established from field 14 to the station
– A link from the cow pasture golf course was built
– A gathering place for 500 eggs egg was installed. (The eggs collection in MP sees only the host)
– A hall was added to the merchants
– Some trees were added to or taken by mobile workers and for downhill
– A new farmhouse was built
– A tool cutting section has been added at the court
– A shelter is located at the new sheep pasture
– From the old sheep pasture, a meadow is created
– Fields [15 +16], [20 +21], [+32 31], [33 +34] were combined
– Many fields have been enlarged
– New routes were created
– A new modern shelter was placed on the farm
– The farm has been revised
– The hens were moved to the edge of the yard
– The work was done very much “attention to detail”
– The disturbing hole in the ground under the great hall was filled
– Disturbing trees were made by mobile
– Stationary objects in the air adjusted
– All Logfehler are now gone

Authors: 1LS12, Harrybo, OutBase52, frisco0177 , bonzai_micha, Deere6800, Marhu, Tessmann85


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