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On the farm was a car wash built for your machine washable and near the harbor has a sugar factory their doors open. In the workshop in the yard there is a ramp with repair trigger if you use the Schadensmod. The cows and sheep consume additional water, and now the chickens consume wheat.
The fourth field, which was initially empty, has now been planted with rape, this is in full bloom and still needs some time to mature.
Nothing has changed at the start vehicles. These are as selected so that their full equal

Authors: ego, Galli84, Richi*3, Stormbringer, Burn out, JokerZ, MC M@C, devin, DA JOUN, Trixi, buchhauer, Trekkerbodo, frisco0177, XAnonymousX, Maxter, Modelleicher, rafftnix, meistro, grafik-edv


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