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– Busy traffic flow
– Drawbridge and lock installed
– Used food storage v 1.2
– Sugar refinery Trekkerbodo added
– 2 silos at pasture with each 500.000l
– Including moving train crossings
– Cars are no longer on the field – but only on tar (Staßenklometer increased dramatically)
– 51 boxes in all sizes (not necessarily straight face) field sizes between 0.3 and 10 ha
– Not at all corners of the grass mähbar
– Missions were deleted
– No more help icons
– Additional gas station for merchant
– Garden Centres accepts potatoes, manure and slurry
– BGA silos to 1 million. increased per camp
– A small horse ranch matters worse (here can be abgelagen Grass (no trigger)
– 2nd small courtyard behind the railway
– No golf course, this one Stretch

Author: SanAndreas


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