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Here we are with the final version of Big Tony Hagenstedt. All new textures for all fruit, trees, new grass,  buildings, Breweries and bridges also a new sugar refinery called Lantic located in the Industrial park and they want sugarbeets and are willing to pay big bucks for them. McCain Foods has come to Hagesntedt . They are a major player in the frozen food industry and will buy your potatoes at a competitive price.  You can sell your manure and liquid maneur at the garden center. Its a whole new world with that familiar Hagenstedt still present. There are new fields and sell points animal zones were moved and expanded. There are 2 breweries as well. One in the village and another on the north side of the map and they both will buy wheat and barley. Prices are also quite competitive. Also built an entire industrial park where the frieght yard used to be. Visit the castle as well and get a great view of almost the entire map. It has only one fault, a small UV error, but nothing to worry about. Cleaned the log and made sure the game will run as expected. This map is very detailed and will take a minute to load. It does work just give it a second to load when you start playing you will realize why.

– New access routes to parts of map to facilitate travel
– Clean log
– Added food storage main courtyard near cows
– Free Hay field
– New 2 Breweries (wheat and Barley)
– Egg selling point at farm shop and so the village
– McCain Foods near the Dairy  (potatoes)
– Lantic Sugar in the industrial park  (Sugar Beets)
– Have been added help icons, as it has changed a little
– Hi resolution textures
– Withering off
– Sale of manure and liquid manure at the garden center
– New industrial park where freight yard was

Authors: Bigtonytomato, John666, Omarthefirst, Amarlich, FS UK Community


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