Poulton Estate is based is the English Cotswolds: A large Estate Farm, consisting of 3 farms to allow you to build your enterprise.
This map is based on DEM terrain so it is about as real as it gets.
The dairy farm is located in the South West of the estates grounds: however the herd has been sold off prior to the take-over of the estate. The dairy has a new contract with Arla, which has a processing plant about 2 miles away, in the north east corner of the map it is your job to build the business restoring it to its former glory.
The main arable farm located centrally is surrounded by large open fields, making it ideal for large scale mechanisation. Grain can be sold at the grain Merchants in the north village, or alternatively be sold to the dairy farm for fodder.
The Pig unit, a new development not too far from the North Village. The Pig Unit is key to making a profit from the Surrounding industrial park.
This map has No grain storage facility’s you have to use Alternative tipping to store grain this gives you the freedom to decide where grain is stored.
The map has many sell location they include the Arla milk processing plant. Wood land farm for selling all you Grain please be warned that selling in Woodland farm will mean you will have to find the right bay as the planes rise to the crop each tip grid is for a different fruit type. You also have the Auction house and Pinnacle foods for Pigs and other Produce.
Enjoy your time on this map. Be warned the fields are not small so it is made for MP purposes. The entire Gate ways are fitted with Auto Gates be warned not to use huge machinery as it will not fit through, the gate posts do have collision but the opening gate does not. This map has Buyable fields that has a total of 52 fields that are all shapes and sizes based on the real fields on the Google image overlay with some minor changes to fit them on the map. You may find that you are able to cultivate or seed some parts of un-owned fields this is because the way giants set out the markers it is hard to get them to match up perfectly as none of the fields are a perfect square, this is not a bug or an issue as it is only a bit of some fields. Milk is sold manually. Any issues please post in the support topic. All gates that are silver and sliding will be Time Controlled. The times the Sell points and Dealers is open for trading is 6:00AM – 12:00pm and 13:00pm – 18:00pm they are closed any other time remember this when selling and buying. Reset Location is always open. Be warned do not park machinery too close to the Auto Gates as they will fail to open unless the implement or vehicle is moved away from the trigger BE Warned.
I have fixed the issue with field 20 not being able to be purchased and have added a gas station to the village this is for use with the fuel bowsers. There is no fuel tank on the map any more you must use a fuel bowser trailer and buy in large amounts from the gas station. Fixed the BGA in this version as well as the bale sell point sorry again my mistake messed that up in the last change. The gates have been removed from all field entrances to allow larger machinery to pass through.

Authors: Ni Modding, Marhu, ZEFIR, Bartosz22, Mfg. spit, Bandit, Willjsavage, petorious, Fergus, Danf05


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