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– Pig is also built in, is 3 pieces. The individual is also where the real with a machine shop is, almost in the corner at the gas station field 68 The other two are located in the village 3 box 37 where a large poultry house actually is, but as there is still no Geflügelmod, there are up to then stop pigs
– Court expanded somewhat in the village 3
– Road signs, posts and information signs inserted
– Signs and post adjusted, replaced, expanded, colli sions removed
– Set visibility of some buildings were still partially in 100000 meters
– Terrain texture doubled adjusted Schwadreiten
– Corn stubble Distance texture in Green changed was before Brown
– Terrain adjusted
– BGA station
– Butcher
– Fox Fass washable
– Fixed BGA manure pits Plan, came e.g. from the ground until 20000l
– Reduced growth time of 8 ingame days to 5
– Changed and exchanged fruit textures
– 2 more fields start with turnips and potatoes for pig
– Growth time of 8 ingame days reduced to 5. Who wants a Pro level Ingametag, simply replace this file with the in your map, then you have 24 game hours per level. Before that, all xxxgrowthState.xml in your savegame delete so that the new values ​​are used

Authors: Bullgore, KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, Tessmann85 FSM, Flymaster


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