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– The error of the V2 have been fixed. Manure and slurry FUNZ jetztDer offset during threshing and cultivators etc sied away.
– The other bugs are also fixed the cow pasture was increased in the two houses on the farm where one can be unloaded in the other straw and grass.
– It was used in the BGA biem hofander cow pasture for merchant and a roller door. just a new game as you have to start.
– The cart moves only morning and evening through the silos now have a green plan. the button for direct sale now bein dealer vorhanden.Mist and manure is going well now, etc –
– Otherwise the map so the log is still clean
– Large fields from all the trees are out the Collis can contact all Maschienen without problems
– There are available many places Sold As the BGA of Müller Kaufland etc
– Eggs may be sold in the country of purchase and farm shop
– The verrottn is off
– To accurately display the PDA goes best with demm Map viewer

Author: unknown


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