That was changed:
– The Wool Palette Collector is now installed, with enough space for 22 pallets full of sheep’s wool
– The error the v 1.6 now fixed
– Now is the Map for the public beta patch v 2.0
– All newly inserted objects buildings functions have been thoroughly tested
– The popular manure mod was installed, but you can decide whether to use it themselves
– The error log is 100% free
– The Water Mod 3.0 was installed
– This includes a water station for abhohlen of water for livestock was installed
– Now there’s a pig in the yard
– The individual soaking the Water Mods were installed and tested at the respective animals

Authors: 1LS12, Harrybo, OutBase52, frisco0177 , bonzai_micha, Deere6800, Marhu, Tessmann85


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