Bring some history to your farm. This old barn has seen better days, but what good build with timber framing and is quiet safe to use and store some equipment. Barn has working lms lighting. You must walk up to the light switch and use the “m” key for the light

Recommended placement, is to cultivate a small corner of a field near your farm. Should be mostly flat, but built the floor to work with a slight slope! Then plant grass around the barn after placement and maybe plant some bushes around it using other placeables available.

Price is $ 3245 and daily upkeep is $ 3

This took about 4 days to build board by board


Barn – mote454
lmsPlaceable script – TwistedGA
itmes – Sandgroper, fin050808, Giants, mote454, model eicher
textures (some modified) – CGTextures and google


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