– Replaced black objects
– Gates (trigger) revised, smaller trigger area
– Rotting OFF
– Soil textures of zefir used
– Fire installed
– Court pigsty built, decorated pigs on sale Landi
– Slurry Mist Mod – Layers and textures adjusted
– Collisions of field and meadow edges removed (CP and helper)
– Rye density decreases
– Swapped shelters
– Garden Center solar panels removed
– New walkway with plates
– Conveyor belt replaced at Landi
– Free water point
– Ursula now sits in the courtyard just outside in good weather during the day
– Village shop closed gap
– Mushrooms in the courtyard reduced
– Mähbares grass was at the field edges in strips not mähbar

Authors: TMT, Hatzfan, marhu, Kolbenfresser


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