– For SP / MP, users of small to medium technology Oldi technology
– Usable card size approximately 33% of original size
– Adapted existing mountainous landscape with some gentle slopes, the property is on a plateau, there are deep valleys with a stream / river, abundant forest regions, meadows
– 20 small / medium sized fields, and many can be put together, two are already owned, two are mature, to mature for 2 more. Two pieces can be grubbed made to the field
– Fields are only centrally in the Land Registry Office (City Hall) purchased or sold
– 8 crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, rye, and sunflowers. Rot is On
– Animals: cows, sheep, chickens
– Yard with attached cow pasture, open space for placeable objects, 2 silage silos and house BGA
– Storage of all crops
– The water and wheat feeding Mod V 3.0
– Hay for straw and hay
– Improved shelter with shelf for bales or equipment
– Dealer: a water mill, Landi, a sugar mill, a village shop, a wool merchant, a nursery, a gas station, a farmer store
– Nursery also sells crap
– Landi also sells crops
– Adapted for PDA Price + Storage Overview
– Current PDA map (through the large height differences, there are a few places minimal deviation of the position)
– New machinery and equipment can be werden
– At the courtyard fountain, the fountain in the village, at the water mill, the required water tank can be filled
– Milk itself must be brought away or on the change of day wait
– Traffic: minimal pedestrian own “old” traffic with non standard traffic models
– Manure Mist Mod (sprinkle extra texture to the fields of manure and slurry)
– Collecting missions and horseshoes are not included
– Required patch: from 1.4

Authors: TMT, Kolbenfresser, Marhu, HatzFan


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