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The map has 41 fields that are fertilized and gegrubbert all and thus are ready to sow. There are two fields in your possession at the beginning and of course ready to be harvested. The fields have sizes of about 7 ha to about 78 ha, it is a 4-fold map, but is adapted to the PDA and fits up to 98%, almost perfectly.

There are only the standard fruit. The map is relatively flat and mostly flat, but there are slight hills and valleys as well as in the northeast a larger mountain. The fields have fairly generous margins and thus the map is perfect for the use of volunteers and course play, so not to get tangled itself constantly.

There is a central spacious courtyard, with enough space for the machine. To keep fuel costs low, the cows, the sheep and the chickens are housed at the court. The BGA is also only a short distance away. The growth times are significantly prolonged and the yield was reduced because you do not want to be by the first field has been promoted to the ranks of millionaires.

The silos at the cow pasture now have twice the capacity, or 600 tons (600,000 liters) and the silos of the BGA have grown to three times its size and now each hold 1,800 tons (1.8 million liters). A feed stock for grass and straw over the potato and beet stock, it can directly with the Kuhn SPV12 or a matching bucket be removed and dumped into the feed troughs.

The transport runs and drives also the milk truck, and for the case that one way the drying tank, there are several stations on the map. The farrier was industrious and has distributed 100 of his best luck iron on the map, and who believe in it must, perhaps even find the rainbow.

Authors: atze1978, frisco0177, mailman, Ekkhard


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