My Little Country including feed stores, WaterMod 3.0 and Pig Farm

– Pig mod was involved
– WaterMod v 3.0
– Butcher’s
– Splines were again revised / road parts were nt. newly inserted
– The I3d.has 31MB
– The Map My little country is a map completely rebuilt and is made with the patch 1.4.
– This is a small map of the Country My BIG
– There are 8 fields to be Bewirtschafften.
– As usual, the cow pasture is a little sheep away from the farm and of course
– The milk as heck be different is picked up by a milk truck.
– All in all a very nice little map to plowing.
– Road signs
– Delineators
– The lanterns go in the dark to the village
– Pedestrian
– Functioning traffic
– A train with barrier / cars stop when the barrier is closed
– A small island with camp
– Houses have Aben light
– Parked cars also have some light at night

Author: @Funky


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