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– All movable gates can be permanently connected
– More distance between the bushes to the field
– Increased area at the station (even with multiple trailers unloading must work now)
– New grain silo
– New fertilizer / seed / tank shed with movable gates
– Ablade implemented at the mill
– BGA and Tanke redesigned
– Small changes to the farm itself
– Eggs on sale at the station tower
– Ball sale in the dugout next to the sheep trough
– Unloading changed (now about to go)
– Additional point of sale at the mill for wheat and barley
– Water can be found almost anywhere on the stream and the fountain next to the house
– New Castle ingredients
– Teleport trigger on the wall and the gate house
– Altered Mapgrenzen
– Altered grass texture
– Modified tree texture
– Traffic

Author: Mourice


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