– Wither and fields is buying
– Approximately 50 ha of arable land plus some meadows
– Some fields are only separated by boundary stones, thus you can decide for yourself whether you want a big field or something smaller fields.
– Cow and pig stables to muck (manure can be stored in the manure pile / is displayed in PDA)
– Pig near the court (with two outdoor silos)
– Sheep grazing also near the court (with a Freilandsilo takes only grass and hay)
– Manure Mist Mod installed
– Fertilizer you have to buy the land trade only, which can be stored on the farm otherwise you have no fertilizer to fertilize his fields (level is noted in the PDA)
– New potato storage
– Wheat is stored in the silo and loaded via a worm again
– Sugar beet can be stored only on the pig
– Potatoes, barley rape maize grass / hay and straw can be stored on the farm and they are reloading with a shovel paasend
– Wassermod 3.0 installed (there is water at the treatment plant and horse)
– Manure and slurry sale at WWTP
– Horse farm for potato and corn sales
– Country trade (wheat, barley, canola)
– Butcher’s

Authors: Jabba42, Ostsee75, BlueSky, Traurigernarr, Mahru, Kolbenfresser, HatzFan, Haselhorst, Kyosho, Bullgore, Spieler74, Gaint


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