mr-hagenstedt-3 mr-hagenstedt-2 mr-hagenstedt-1

– Milk truck was fixed
– New signs for MR Hagenstedt, for the cattle yard and for the biogas plant
– New skin for restaurant sign and the corresponding flag
– Launch vehicles were again gändert
– Cattle yard and main courtyard revised with more details
– Straw Plane fixed by the barn, this now also increases again
– There are only 3 wind turbines and 30 beehives on the map distributed along
– At the old main yard one more time changes were made
– Silo was replaced by another version
– Fields 14, 15, 16 were merged into a box 14 which is also the same in your possession
– PDA was adjusted fields were newly nummerriert
– Manure heaps and slurry bunker on the livestock farm were added and corrected the error by the manure pile.
– New station at the main courtyard.
– In the village there is now a police station
– Still further, an integrated control center was built in the village, standing in front of a fire engine and ambulance
– Dairy was revised and received a new skin, as well as new flags
– Invisible collisions away
– Field trigger new raise
– Dairy has been revised and has a UV obtain error-free house, and new flags

Authors: Giants, Mod-Stube, Jabba42, modding-kueche, Sylvio86, Niggels, borutcebulj


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