This truck is the demolition company original. This makes for LS 2013.
The first belongs to Barbossa conversion for LS 2011 and only played a little in writing .. Xml 75% changed the texture. Added rotating lights, brake lights and horn.
– Capacity 32,000 Kg
– Trailer Hitch only under
– Shop price 230,000
– Tank 800 liters
– Maximum speed 100 kmh
– 100% functional, no errors

– This trailer is original LS 2013, is adapted for MAN truck.
– This is the 1800 Pro Gilibert has changed the texture and wheels.
– Store Price: 10000
– Capacity 24,200 Kg

Truck and trailer Fruits: wheat, barley, rape, maize, chaff, grass, manure, potato, sugar, Beet, silage.

Authors: Giants editor, Baebossa, Pisty


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